Zapak wants you to battle it out

There is no doubting the fact that Zapak is one of the top casual gaming companies in India. They have successfully marketed all the micro-sites and projects they have built around their flagship site. The latest venture - Battleout - takes forward the concept of Zapak girls.

Battleout is all about comparisons, you are thrown two photos and a random questions like “Which of these two girls is prettier” or “Who has a cuter pet.” The site breathes in light hearted competitiveness and enhances the social networking value of Zapak brand.

The concept is pretty simple - sign in using your Zapak id and start voting. Apart from simply voting you can create your own battles as well. There are two ways of engage in a battle, either you can accept a battle challenge posted by someone else, or create you own.

In case you decide to create your own battle, you need to upload a photo, select the category (men, women, car, party, pet etc), enter a question, add tags and wait for an opponent. Opponents can find you by searching tags, categories or by merely browsing through battles. Once an opponent has selected you, you will get a mail stating that the battle has begun. Now it’s time for you to call in the might of your friends. Every battle has a specific URL, which can be accessed without logging into the site. However, if you want to win the battle, please remind your friends to login to the site before voting. Why you may ask, because votes of registered users have a weightage of 10 while non-registered users will get a weightage of only 1.

I won’t elaborate further on the gaming side of the site as it would be best left for you to explore!

The website sure seems to be a hit. According to sources at Zapak, around 11,000 members have created a profile at the site. Just two days after the site has been set up, now that sure is an achievement! The site I believe, will also help Zapak draw international audience into the site. As of now 90 per cent visitors are Indians.

Commercial viability is an issue which brings every new idea to a halt. However, Zapak has a solution lined up for this issue. They are planning to introduce sponsored battles in the future.

For example a paint manufacturer could be the sponsor for a question like, “Who has a swankier house?”

It makes perfect sense, but it needs to be seen how well they are able to moderate the pictures on the site. If they are going to depend entirely on users to flag pirated images they are going to have a tough time.

Can they maintain the momentum? I hope they will be able to because, they are a company with highly fluctuating figures.

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