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Mumbai, 3rd March, 2009:, created by has become more than a just a website for the movie, it is now a platform for people to come together and write about their horror experiences and share it with others who are as passionate about everything spooky as them.

Did you know? In Bombay Supreme Court - for over 30 years whenever a murder trial is conducted, a vengeful bilingual ghost makes itself known by cursing and terrorizing anyone brave (or foolish) enough to enter.

Did you know? Kurseong - Dow-Hill, Darjeeling - The forests have an uncanny feeling. It is damp, cold and sometimes dark. People up here tend to be depressed and countless murders have taken place. On the stretch between Dow-Hill road and the Forest Office, wood cutters returning in the evenings have sited a young boy walking head-less for several yards and then walk away from the road into the woods. Other than this, footsteps are heard in the corridors of the Victoria Boys School when the school is closed for long holidays from December to March.

Did you know? During the funeral all furniture in the house must be rearranged so that if the ghost returns it will not recognize the place and leave. One must not speak badly of the dead or the ghost may come and haunt them.

These are some topics/stories that have been debated by the users in the discussion forum created to indulge in tell tales. All in all it is a place for horror freaks and those who love everything that involves ghosts. is already attracting huge number of visitors with the kind of spooky content it has. It is now a place where one can openly talk about their own scary stories with like-minded people which were once suspended as silly superstitions by others.

BIG Pictures has also announced a contest based on the film's theme 'Have You Been Spooked', wherein audiences can send in stories of their spooky experiences. More that 1000 people have submitted their stories revealing their darkest and scariest secrets.

Commenting on this, Arun Mehra, Chief Marketing Officer, Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd. said, “I am happy that 13B and Zapak together thought of providing this innovative opportunity for people. More that 1000 people have chosen this website as a platform to reveal and discuss their darkest and spookiest secrets. It has become a destination for a never before explored audience.”

So log on and share your own scary stories!

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