Rahul Dravid and Vijendra Kumar compete off the field!

Gillette launches India's biggest gaming championship with

Bangalore, January 7, 2009 - All it takes to win is the spirit of being a WINNER… Believers in the same, star icons Rahul Dravid and Vijendra Kumar were in the best of spirits when Gillette in association with Zapak launched India's biggest Gaming Championship. Gillette's association with the India Gaming Championship truly brings out everyone's confidence and the winning spirit. The launch further takes forward the brand’s idea 'Be a Winner, Challenge the World'.

Witnessing the rising steam and craze for online games in India, Gillette India that has been representing true spirit to win and excel launched India Gaming Championship 2009. The championship is ready to provide opportunities to young enthusiasts to compete against the best in the country. The platform extends the chance to give you an experience of what it takes to be the best and that too along with prizes worth Rs.1 crore.

The city of Bangalore witnessed an occasion exemplified with passion for sports at the launch of India Gaming Championship 2009. A splendid aura of enthusiasm for sports prevailed when the two champions, Rahul Dravid and Vijendra Kumar, tried their hands on online games redefining the spirit of being a winner. Displaying the sports mania and showcasing high confidence, every eye was dotted on the champion when they decided to compete with each other.


With over 6 million registered users, has started a gaming revolution in India in less than 2 years of its inception. Zapak has always believed that gaming thrives on competitions and what better way to nurture competitions than through Championships. India Gaming Championship 2009 is the biggest gaming tournament that our country will witness. It will give an equal opportunity to both our casual and hardcore gamers across India to bring out their competitive spirit and showcase their gaming talent.

The India Gaming Championship 2009 ensuring mass participation expects around 1 million entries both for Casual Online Gaming Preliminary, featuring most popular youth games and for Hard Core Gaming Format featuring NFS and FIFA '08. Basing the contest with "Challenge the World & Be a Winner" spirit, the lucky winners are entitled to receive prizes worth Rs. One crore. To participate log on to

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