News changes the rules of the game for social networking - introduces Mobile Adda – Networking... Anytime, Anywhere! ‘From the internet to the mobile – Social Networking marches on’

  • Social Networking is not restricted to the confines of the pc browser. In India, mobile phones are the preferred and mostly the sole means of connecting with friends and family. This year we are all set to refine and redefine the boundaries of Social Networking in India.
  • With a registered user base of 2.3 million in a year we needed to sensitize the platform to local aspirations and needs of the market. The number of mobile users today far exceeds the penetration and usage of pcs in India. Mobiles are lot more personal, readily accessible and almost an extension of the user. The imperative was to create a mobile application to give the controls of social networking, anytime – anywhere, literally.
  • 'Mobile Adda’ includes key features of social networking like searching for friends, inviting them from your phonebook, communicating with friends through innovative options like text, voice and photo scribbles. This On- The-Move application promises to keep its users ahead at all times with auto-updates, alert and notifications and helpful tips. This will be a major departure for users of social networks, from being an occasional visitor to now proactively driving their networks.
  • Mobile Product Features:
    • Sign up/sign in
    • Scribbles: Receive, read, reply and send (Text/Audio/photo scribbles)
    • Emoticons and Shout outs
    • Friend Requests: Accept, Decline and Send
    • Search : name, age, Work place, school/ colleges, ProfileID
    • Invite: By phone numbers, email, phonebook gobbler
    • Backup and retrieve phonebook
    • Online status: Know when friends are online
    • Photos: Click and send, View
    • Privacy: Choose to receive scribbles only from friends
  • Mobile Access Interfaces
    • SMS : to 55454
    • Scribble: Receive Alerts and Reply: users who have signed up for Mobile will receive scribbles on their phone when they are logged out of BigAdda. Only scribbles from friends will be forwarded to the mobile phone.
    • New Friend Requests: Receive and Approve friend requests. When the user receives friend requests it will be forwarded to his phone when he is offline.
    • Weekly updates
  • WAP: The WAP site will serve as a dressed down version of the website for mobile users with GPRS connectivity.
    • Registration
    • Search (users, user information, photos)
    • Friends : Add Friend, invite by phone numbers, rate, Remove, block
    • Scribbles (Send, Read and Reply), view scribbles of other users
    • Shout outs (send and receive)
    • Profiles (View and update)
    • Photos (View and comment)
  • Client: A mobile client is a downloadable application that resides on the Mobile handset. Apart from others the two key features
    • will allow the users to use the phonebook to send invitations to his/her closest network, and
    • It will also function as a phone book back up.

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