News to launch Power Women bloggers on International Women’s day

Actress Pooja Bedi, Eminent Media Personality & Editor Malavika Sangghvi, Ex- Miss World Diana Hayden, Nutritionist Dr.Anjali Mukherjee, Upcoming Actress Neetu Chandra, Film director & Writer Madhureeta Anand & Debutant Actress Mahie Gill to blog on

Mumbai, 6th March 09:, the youth networking site from the Reliance Group, would be launching power women from diverse fields to blog on the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8th March 2009. The all-woman power bloggers would include renowned names like actress Pooja Bedi, Media personality & Columnist Malavika Sangghvi, Ex- Miss World Diana Hayden Nutritionist Dr.Anjali Mukherjee, Upcoming Actress Neetu Chandra, Film Director & Writer Madhureeta Anand & Debutant Actress Mahie Gill.

This novel initiative from would enable the women achievers from distinct fields such as film, journalism, society, health & fashion to come together on a single platform and speak, share & express their views. The essence of this initiative is open for them who wish to learn, grow and develop their attitude, personality, inner faith and potential and embark on a path to success.

Announcing this initiative, Shivanandan Pare, COO, said, “This is the best way to celebrate Women’s Day. It is just the right occasion to acknowledge the achievement and contribution made by these power women in their respective fields. expects that through their blogs they will inspire the women across the nation,”

“Today’s woman has the confidence and opportunities to make it big in whatever she sets out to do. She juggles her modern professional avatar whilst maintaining the rituals, conventions and expectations of her traditional one, and yet has the ability to work around those constraints and still be incredibly successful. Through, I would appeal to all the women to believe in themselves and go all out and achieve whatever they want to….and stop at nothing!” says actress Pooja Bedi.

Malavika Sangghvi, the eminent media personality & editor, believes that the time has come for change, for connecting and for commitment and women can lead the way. “Having edited and written for some of the world's leading and largest circulated publications and interacting with women from all walks of life, I want to now use my experience, and talent to form a community of likeminded, dynamic, and intelligent women, who will use my blog to network with each other, share their views and take up issues and causes closest to their hearts”, puts in Malavika.

In recent years, online social networking has created powerful new ways to communicate and share information, experience and raise opinions. This innovative step by is likely to see a steep rise in the percentage of women taking on to blogging. Now women can also make their own way and space on the net.

Ex- Miss World Diana Hayden says “Social networking sites such as have emerged as a very powerful medium to stay connected with people all over the world. So it’s only logical for me to take to blogging to reach out to my fans and let them see the real me, who is not just a celebrity but a normal human being as well. What I especially love about this is that this way they can also communicate with me! I believe it’s a great way to engage with fans and get feedback from them which would only help me better myself.”

Nutritionist Dr. Anjali Mukherjee, renowned Nutritionist, is yet another achiever to take to blogging on International Women’s Day. Says Anjali, “In today’s day and age, being fit and healthy is the biggest challenge being faced by women as they have to juggle with multiple roles. I would like to use blogging as an effective tool to communicate my thoughts on the virtues of healthy living, which is the most important element for women to succeed on both fronts; home and career.”

Madhureeta Anand, film director & writer, views this initiative from as a novel contribution directed towards Women who aspire to make it big and yet need role models, a sense of direction and motivation to reach their goals. Madhureeta said, “Now it’s the time for women. Everywhere you look women are exerting their influence in all spheres. Indian women's success in an increasingly competitive environment is a complement to our tenacity and talent. And the woman's point of view is precious and needs representation and to be truly valued.”

Social networking has slowly emerged on top and built a unique image among Indian netizens, particularly the youth and now also has found number of followers among women from various segments of the society. It is used regularly by millions of people, and it now seems that social networking will be an enduring part of everyday life.

“Through I would really like to reach out to aspiring women directors, filmmakers and to all other women to show them how they can realise their goals and share their points of view as well. Especially, the future female directors of Indian Cinema. Gone are the days when movie making was a forbidden territory for women. We have many examples of successful women directors in India and this is only the beginning. As women in the audience and behind the camera increase, we will have a new turn in Indian Cinema” adds Madhureeta Anand.

Neetu Chandra, upcoming actress of the film 13 B fame would use blog as a medium to reach out to women on the occasion of International Women’s day. Says Neetu, “It has been a great fight reaching here but I cherish each and every moment of it. Being a female myself I always had a firm belief that if you have the talent and the right attitude you are destined for success. However, success does not come on a platter. One has to seek it. And this is my message to the women that just go out and seek success and enjoy it.”

Mahie Gill, Paro of Dev D a debutant actress who is winning rave reviews for her performance would also be hitting the blogging scene. She would share her attributes of being a woman and what it takes to break the initial barriers and let yourself free and allow your talent and creativity to flourish.

Power Women bloggers by is a tribute to the essence of women from all walks of life. So let us catch up on to salute these women achievers.

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