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BIG Home Video launches ‘Changeling’

Changeling is the real deal, as good as any film (Eastwood) has ever made,
and 10 times more electrifying than most. It grabs you by the throat and never
Emotionally powerful and stylistically sure-handed. – VARIETY draws you in from the quiet beginning, and holds you all the way through
to its frightful and beautifully edited conclusion. - KURT LODER, MTV

Some directors start young and get tired. Eastwood is only gathering steam.

Mumbai, June 22 2009: BIG Home Video in association with Universal Pictures brings to you Changeling, a provocative thriller based on true events. Clint Eastwood (Million Dollar Baby, Unforgiven, Letters from Iwo Jima) directs Angelina Jolie (The Good Shepherd; A Mighty Heart; Girl, Interrupted) and John Malkovich (Dangerous Liaisons, Beowulf, Burn After Reading) in an emotional drama that forever transformed the city of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, 1928: On a Saturday morning in a working-class suburb, Christine said goodbye to her son, Walter, and left for work. When she came home, she discovered he had vanished. A fruitless search ensues, and months later, a boy claiming to be the nine-year-old is returned. Dazed by the swirl of cops, reporters and her conflicted emotions, Christine allows him to stay overnight. But in her heart, she knows he is not Walter.

As she pushes authorities to keep looking, she learns that in Prohibition-era L.A., women don’t challenge the system and live to tell their story. Slandered as delusional and unfit, Christine finds an ally in activist Reverend Briegleb (Malkovich), who helps her fight the city to look for her missing boy. Based on the actual incident that rocked California’s legal system, Changeling tells the shocking tale of a mother’s quest to find her son, and those who won’t stop until they silence her.

On the retail front, exclusive offers have also been planned for women shoppers.

The Home Video of Changeling is out in stores now; the Blu-ray is priced at Rs. 1,299, the DVD at Rs. 599 and the VCD at Rs. 299. Kulmeet Makkar, CEO, BIG Music & Home Entertainment, "We are very pleased to bring you this dramatic and emotional film which is based on a true story of Christine Collins. Changeling has received several awards and honours and I’m sure the Indian audiences and critics will agree that one cannot miss this excellent movie."

About BIG Music & Home Entertainment:
BIG Music & Home Entertainment has taken significant strides towards its objective of emerging as the dominant player in Indian Music & Home Entertainment. Apart from releasing chart-busting music of Hindi films like Rock On, Love Story 2050, Johnny Gaddar and Cash, to name a few, the company has also released blockbusters such as Welcome, Jodhaa Akbar & Singh is Kinng on home video.

The company is the exclusive licensee to 3 of Hollywood’s prestigious studios Universal Pictures International BV, Warner Home Video, Paramount Home Entertainment Global & Dream Works Animation SKG, Inc. With its robust pan India distribution network, the company will ensure reach for these Hollywood products, not only in urban market but also mass markets.

Prepare to be wooed as BIG Home Video launches the best of Hollywood cinema on Blu-ray, DVD and VCD. Discover a mother’s quest to find her son, in the Angelina Jolie-starrer ‘Changeling’, based on a true story. Experience the magic of Brad Pitt’s superlative performance in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. This critically-acclaimed blockbuster showcases an extraordinary life of a man who was born under unusual circumstances. A timeless literary masterpiece by Richard Yates, ‘Revolutionary Road, stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The movie is set during the mid-1950s and portrays the couple’s struggle to come to terms with their personal problems while trying to raise their two children.

All launches will be supported by big decibel marketing campaigns across various mediums which include TV, radio, internet, print, outdoor etc. There will be a special focus on below the line activities which include on ground activities, events, consumer contest and retail store promotions. The idea is to enhance the consumer interaction and experience with the brand and products.Visit us at

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