Adlabs launches new global entertainment destination in the form of india's first multi-sensory cinema

Posted on: May 23, 2008

New technology introduced through partnership with the worldwide Cinema Park Network

Adlabs Cinemas, part of the Reliance Group and India's leading entertainment conglomerate Adlabs Films, today launched India's first 6D cinema experience at Agra, just minutes away from one of the Wonders of the World - the Taj Mahal. Providing a multi-sensory cinematic experience unlike anything cinema goers have ever encountered, the 6D Cinema is set to become a distinctive global tourist entertainment attraction.

Unlike conventional 2D or 3D movie theatres, Cinema Park's technology employs cutting-edge visual and audio effects that bring strikingly real three-dimensional images right before audiences' eyes, thus allowing them to simultaneously experience sight, smell, sound, touch, motion and above all interaction with the characters. A special half hour film called India in Motion has been specially created wherein well-known Indian actor Anupam Kher takes the audience through India's evolution from an ancient civilization to a modern nation bustling with activity and abundant with opportunity. Passing through today's India in - or on - a variety of typical vehicles, the audience will see the historical events that happened at each site such as Mohenjodaro, Indraprastha, and of course, the Taj Mahal. Viewers can experience a bumpy elephant ride with the wind blowing through their hair or sway in a boat feeling the spray of the water on their faces. Even Indians will see India in a completely unique way, thanks to multiple languages available.

As a prominent fixture on the international tourist map, Agra joins an impressive list of destinations across the world that will host a unique 6D attraction. Cinema Park Network has completed more than 450 successful projects around the world in cities such as Jerusalem, Rome, Baltimore, Orlando, Mexico, Athens, Warsaw, Tel Aviv and the Smart Theater Network in Sweden and Israel to name just a few.

"We are proud to launch this first-of-its-kind project in India targeted at both international and Indian tourists. Viewers across India will get never before experience while watching a movie. We have every confidence that with the combination of the prime location in Agra and the state-of-the-art technology, the 6D cinema will become the most comprehensive and outstanding focal point for visitors not merely in Agra, but in the whole of India - adding a whole new dimension to the country's tourism and entertainment industries", said Tushar Dhingra, COO - Adlabs Cinemas at the launch.

Mr. Ori Yardeni, CEO and Founder of Cinema Park Network said: "We are proud that India, which is an important tourist destination, is joining our global network. We have already set-up multi-sensory experiences in other parts of the world, including Disney World in Florida, and now India is our first installation in Asia. We will provide the tourist agencies and operators with a state-of-the-art unforgettable experience, based on a solid commercial partnership."

"India in Motion in Agra is going to be one of our flagship Wonders of the World (WoW) projects". "WoW is going to be a major player in the tourism industry, and our plan is to set-up similar experiences in the most toured destinations in the world. India in Motion actually complements the visit at the Taj Mahal monument, and turns it into a live experience", added Mr. Yardeni.

In a typical Cinema Park Theatre, two digital video players play simultaneously and project a 3D film on a silver screen. The visitors sit on Smart Motion Seats that move around, have bass shakers and multiple ticklers. Viewers also experience special effects, such as breeze, water spray and smoke. In the Interactive Theatre, which is the first ever interactive cinema theatre in the world, each viewer holds a wireless remote unit with push buttons and a small LCD screen, enabling him/her to participate in a trivia game about the theme of the film.

Adlabs is India's largest cinema chain with 163 screens across 63 cinemas across the country. It was the first to introduce other entertainment destinations to India such as the IMAX experience at the largest dome theatre in the world and has also pioneered the concept of megaplexes.

About Adlabs Films Ltd

Adlabs, a member of the Reliance Group, is the only integrated movie and entertainment company in India with a presence in production of films, TV content and animation, film processing and services, domestic and international distribution of content and operating the largest cinema chain in the country. Adlabs enjoys a dominant position in all its business segments. (,

About Cinema Park Network

Cinema Park Network ( is a pioneer and international leader in the production of multi-sensory educational films. Cinema Park has a vast experience of more than twenty years in this field, and has successfully delivered more than 450 projects, such as the Millennium Pavilion in Disney World, Orlando, The Time Elevator, Oceanarium, The Hula Nature Reserve and Coca-Cola's visitors' center plus many more.

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