Cannes, May 15th, 2009: Adlabs Films Limited, an associate of the Reliance Big Entertainment company and member of the Reliance Group, with business interests which cover film exhibition, television production, film and media services, has made huge strides in the digital world in the last six months, securing its position as India’s fastest growing film and entertainment services company.

In line with parent company, Reliance Big Entertainment’s overall strategy to be an international premium entertainment brand, delivering entertainment both in and out of the home, Adlabs is a part of cementing that vision, having acquired and further developed, Lowry Digital, based in Los Angeles, taking the company global.

One of its key initiatives is ‘digital first’. Adlabs is digitally distributing films in 2K formats via international optical fiber communication to be exhibited on its 2K digital BIG Cinema screens across the globe. Adlabs has already successfully ‘delivered’ the highly successful “GHAJINI” digitally to its New York flagship cinema. It is also looking at developing and rolling out 4K.

Meanwhile, parent company, Reliance Big Entertainment announced at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday, specific development details of its Creative Partnership deals which are taking the company well into the realms of Hollywood.

Amit Khanna, Reliance Big Entertainment Chairman, said: “Our overall strategy has always been to build a leadership position in entertainment, not just in India but across the globe. While BIG Pictures is important in creating and selling commercially successful provocative world cinema content, Adlabs Films is committed to creating collaborative services and platforms making huge technological advancements – recognized most recently by securing the contract to restore 1000 films from the National Archive of India.”

Anil Arjun, CEO, Adlabs Films, said: “We realize that consumers’ lifestyles have changed and in order to grow, the entertainment industry must evolve to newer formats of entertainment which are in sync with the consumer’s needs. We are committed to being leaders in the digital arena and with our ambitious growth strategy we are looking forward to the next twelve months and announcing more ‘DIGITAL FIRSTS’.”

About Adlabs Films Ltd

Adlabs Films Limited (, a member of the Reliance Group, is India’s fastest growing film and entertainment services company with business interests which cover film exhibition, television production besides film and media services.

Adlabs operates BIG Cinemas, India's largest multiplex chain with about 430 screens spread across India, US and Malaysia. Adlabs also has a significant presence in the film distribution space with a nationwide presence across India as well as offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Malaysia.

Adlabs Film & Media Services consists of the following businesses: Motion Picture Processing, Film Post Production/DI, Digital Cinema, Studios/Shooting floors, Film and Television Equipment Rental, Visual Effects and Restoration & Image Enhancement. Adlabs also owns Lowry Digital, a premier and prestigious image enhancement entity based in Los Angeles.

Adlabs' television venture, BIG Synergy, is among the top players in the television programming industry.


Adlabs Film and Media ServicesDigital Cinema
  • Adlabs Digital Cinema is India’s leading provider of DCI-grade digital cinema services, including mastering, installation & service and hard drive and optic fiber connectivity and distribution.
  • Adlabs Films Ltd, the largest supplier of Hindi films prints in India and worldwide, has introduced optical fiber distribution of films to digital cinema films from India to the United States in a world’s first. Bollywood blockbuster GHAJINI made the journey from Adlabs Digital Cinema Mastering facility at Mumbai to New York over Reliance Communication’s FLAG submarine cable.
  • The fiber backbone also means greater encrypted security, more programming flexibility, time and price advantages.

Digital Content Processing and Restoration services
  • Adlabs Films sets up India’s first 4K DI facility.
  • Adlabs has set up one of the world’s largest comprehensive digital restoration and content processing services facilities. Spread over 90,000 sq ft, it will employ 1200 employees within a year and will comply with MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America) standards. The facility has already commenced business with 300 employees and has recently obtained a prestigious order for digitization and digital restoration of 1000 films preserved by the National Film Archive of India (NFAI), Pune, a media unit of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India.
  • The Adlabs Films’ BPO addresses the needs of content owners: International studios, broadcast and television networks, library owners and mobile companies across the world. The facility will provide a comprehensive one stop solution for the transition from Analog to Digital and Physical Media to Digital Data. Including Restoration, Encoding, Transcoding, Compression Authoring, Format & Standards Conversion, Duplication & Dubs, Meta tagging, Repurposing/Versioning, QC & Broadcast Logistics and Archiving

About Lowry Digital
  • Adlabs owns Lowry Digital, a premier and prestigious image enhancement entity based in Los Angeles.
  • Lowry Digital, based in Burbank, Los Angeles is a highly regarded 100 member state-of-the-art postproduction facility that utilizes proprietary image processing science to deliver superior picture elements.
  • The company’s unique technology – The Lowry Process™ – is used to create unsurpassed image quality at every stage of the workflow for all outputs, including film, broadcast television, commercials, digital cinema, Blu-ray, or web-based video. Applications include film restorations, emergency image repair, digital blow-ups and digital intermediate enhancements.
  • This algorithm driven facility has provided image enhancement/ restoration services to over 270 titles. Work includes Casablanca, Singing in the Rain, Sunset Boulevard, Indiana Jones trilogy, Star Wars trilogy, James Bond films and numerous Disney classics like Cinderella, Bambi, and 101 Dalmatians.
oLowry Digital also recently completed work on the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which received 13 Oscar nominations and 11 BAFTA nominations.

BIG Cinemas

BIG Cinemas is the only international cinema chain of Indian Origin. It has a world wide presence across 430 screens spread across India, US, Malaysia and Mauritius and caters to over 40 million consumers.

  • Adlabs has established leadership in film exhibition in India with 201 screens and accounts for 10 to 14% of box office contributions of major movies. This will go upto 250 screens this year
  • Adlabs is the preferred choice for all megaplex developments in the country.
  • India’s first 6D theatre launched at Agra; and among the 1st to show 3D versions of international movies.

  • USA: A pan US footprint of 165 screens covering New Jersey, New York, Virginia, California, Chicago, Michigan, Georgia, Maryland, Washington DC, Tennessee and Kentucky. The circuit accounts for 20-35% of Hindi features box office collections and over 65% of Tamil box office collections from the US.
  • Malaysia : With a presence of 66 screens, the circuit plays Hollywood features besides, Chinese and Tamil films to cater to the 1.5 million Tamil population.
  • Kathmandu : 1st multiplex in Kathmandu will get operational later part this year.
  • Europe : 1st step has been into Netherlands : BIG Cinemas has forayed into Netherlands in a partnership with the leader Pathe to exclusively provide film feature content through co-branded cinemas in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hague.
  • Adlabs is actively in discussions in several other international markets and aim to build a multi-location international circuit in the next 12 months.
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