BIG Story

BIG is the entertainment brand of Reliance Group that straddles across Film Entertainment, Internet & New Media and Broadcasting.

Un-boxed Version

Boxed Version

The BIG Logo

The bold typeface of the BIG logo is a reflection of itís strength and simplicity. The strength comes from innovation and resolve to be the leading home entertainment and infotainment platform in the country. It is supported by the Reliance heritage, superior technology, wide range of world class offerings and best in class services. Simplicity is essential for connecting with the wide audience of BIG. It symbolizes the honest and dependable character of the BIG brand. A sign of assurance. The boxed version is designed to reinforce the idea of BIG. So that it defies all paradigms. The desired vision for brand BIG is to be Indiaís premium entertainment brand both in and out of home in this fast changing, increasingly connected world.

The BIG Personality

BIG is fun-loving. It brims with excitement and enthusiasm. BIG believes in being light-hearted and doesnít take itself too seriously.

BIG is infectious. Itís fun-loving nature and light-heartedness rubs off on its consumers and spills over in to all its different ventures.

BIG is refreshing. Because of its constant innovations and experiments, BIG always has something new to say.

BIG is trendy. BIG realizes that its consumerís life style is constantly changing and hence it innovates to continuously evolve and keep up with the changing times.

It has got various modes through which it delivers entertainment. BIG is not uni-dimensional.

The BIG Values

BIG is multi-facetted. BIG aims to provide complete entertainment to individuals or groups across all ages. To this effect, it adopts a multitude of formats and devices and is able to reach its consumers, both inside and outside their homes.

BIG is about world-class. BIG has set high standards for itself and it constantly endeavors to meet them. Whether it is pioneering multiplexes or revolutionizing the gaming industry, through its world class technology, BIG is continuously transforming the face of the entertainment industry across the country.

BIG is vibrant. BIG brims with an unrestrained enthusiasm and meets all its goals with an unbridled passion and energy.

BIG is engaging. BIG innovates constantly, so that it is always fresh and engaging to its consumers. It experiments fearlessly and continuously offers its consumers new experiences.

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